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Eric Clausen began making jewelry and metal sculpture in the early seventies. Now a master blacksmith, he brings to bear a lifetime of experience in the creation of custom stair rails, fire screens, chandeliers, furniture, gates and knives for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the gold country of the Sierras. Eric served as president of the California Blacksmiths Association and has lectured at California College of the Arts.

"Creating art in metal is a challenging and gratifying process. Making a three dimensional sculpture in which every facet is formed by the oldest methods; striking, piercing, bending, heating, twisting, and cutting, is both a physical and mental exercise. It takes strength and clear thinking to develop a piece, to direct every move when pulling steel from the fire and working it."

Don Clausen
is an established California abstract artist and Eric's father. He can be found at: